We are Liberté

At Liberté, we are committed to crafting premium-quality products that reflect our values of integrity and fairness. Unlike fast fashion brands, we prioritize sustainability, fair labor practices, and ethical business standards. With Liberté Leather, you can shop responsibly knowing that our on-demand production model minimizes waste and ensures that each item is made with care and consideration.

Celebrating Our Community: The Liberté Family

Based in Bali, Indonesia, Liberté is more than a business; we're a family driven by the expertise and passion of local artisans.

We're dedicated to more than just commerce; it's about uplifting our artisans and their communities. With every purchase, a portion of proceeds directly goes to these talented individuals. Moreover, our artisans receive base wage three times higher than industry norms.

When you choose Liberté Leather, you're not just acquiring a product – you're investing in local artisans and endorsing ethical principles. It's a decision that resonates beyond the purchase, and one we're immensely proud of.

Our Ethical Standards

At Liberté Leather, we are dedicated to implementing sustainable and ethical practices in all aspects of our work. Recognizing the detrimental impact of overproduction on the environment, we have taken a stand against it.