Liberté is a company that specialises in making vegetable-tanned leather products. Since the company's inception in (Insert Year), it has maintained an unrivalled level of commitment to the application of sustainable and ethical working methods.
As part of a progressive global community that's intent on bringing about change, we work tirelessly to break limits and set new standards in every aspect of our industry. Our designs are made to last. By utilising environmentally friendly materials, we create timeless pieces that exude originality, style, and value.
We take an approach to business that reflects our drive to achieve excellence and our dedication to the cause of satisfying customers at all times. For the most part, this is a result of our genuine care for those who use our products and those at every level of our supply chain.
We make use of only responsibly sourced materials, and these materials are made into high quality products that can stand the test of time. Our woven mules and bags are produced with vegetable-tanned leather. As suggested by the term, vegetable-tanned leather is treated with entirely natural and organic tannins. These tannins are extracted from vegetables or trees and infused into the grain of the hide. Only 10% of the worlds leather is tanned this way, a fact that only goes to prove how special our products are.
Vegetable-tanned leather is safer for the environment, the consumer, and the producer. Furthermore, it yields a type of leather that develops a rich patina with age and use.
Our working conditions and methods are both favourable and ethical. This approach to work stays the same throughout our supply chain. As a small family-owned business that prioritises safety, we invest ample amounts of time and resources to create and work in a risk-free environment.
Our Artisans are the heart of Liberté; their impressive collection of skills gained over a lifetime have been blended  to match our company's passion of creating products of the highest quality, This is seen in our woven mules and bags. At Liberté, our tailors are seen and treated as more than just employees, they are an integral part of the family and company.
Every Artisan is entitled to a percentage of every successful sale. The best part is, besides the earnings made from sales, our Artisans receive a base wage that is three times higher than the industry standard. When you buy a product from Liberté, you are supporting local Artisans and a company that strongly upholds ethical practices, and this is something we are truely proud of.